Hello Sugar Cakes!

Welcome to my new blog!  I am going to be talking about all of the sweet things in life.  No whining, no complaining, no dooms-day discourses, just sweet, yummy, happy, glorious, awesome, miraculous, beauty.


This is a place you can come to to read or see something that will make you smile, laugh, jump, squeal, feel inspired, feel loved, want to sing, want to give someone a hug, or just leave your day a teeny weeny bit brighter.  I hope you enjoy!  xoxo

My Little Gatos

Today I have to give a little nod to the furry little beasts that I share my home with.  I would never categorize myself as a “cat person,” as I was raised with dogs.  I have really always envisioned myself having a dog when I was responsible enough to take proper care on one.  But when I went on a surf trip with some girlfriends to Baja, I returned to find a wee little surprise waiting for me.  At some point in the two week while I was away, by boyfriend had managed to fall in love with and adopt two fuzzy baby kittens, a brother and sister.  Although if I had been asked if I wanted to get a cat I would have without a doubt said no, now that they are here, I have fallen madly and deeply in love.


There is something so divinely calming about a sleeping kitty.  Those elegant, graceful, playful, independent, soft little beings bring such joy and warmth into our home.  They relax me when I am stressed, make me laugh when I was sad, and sooth me when I am angry.  Anyway, I’ll make this post short my sweet little sugarcakes.  Just want to provide you with little dose of cuteness for the day. xo


Love Me A Limo

I went out the other evening for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party and had the funnest night I’ve had in quite some time.  Every aspect of the night was hilarious and fun… from getting ready and drinking cocktails at her beautiful house on the beach in Aptos, to dancing and doing sake bombs with the various other random people we met along the way.  But I have to say, the thing I enjoyed most about the whole evening was the 2 hour we spent in the limo going and from the restaurants and clubs.

White limousine

As the svelte, sexy, stretched limousine eased its way into my friends driveway, the whole party, dressed in our slinky cocktail dresses and spiked heels, began to hoot and giggle.  At that very moment the night took on a whole new dreamy quality.  It was like the moment Cinderella’s pumpkin chariot arrives to take her to the ball.

Hiring a limo is an extravagant luxury that I (and my friends) so rarely indulge in… but let me tell ya, it sure makes all the difference in the mood of the whole affair.   As the 9 of us lovely ladies piled in, the limo became a tiny sea of colors and heels and legs and giggles and champagne spilling over long stemmed flutes.  Laughter was pitched high as to be heard over the Prince song pouring out of the speakers.  The colored lights cast a vibrant and festive glow.  It was pure, decadent fun.

As the driver pulled out of the driveway and onto Highway 1 to take us to San Francisco, I cast my glance around span of the long, elegant car.  There were the laughing faces of some of my best friends and favorite people in the world.  We were smiling, happy, full of excitement, bursting with anticipation for the night, the wedding, the future, and all the good things to come.  I sat back with a feeling of complete contentment.  It didn’t matter what else happened from that point on.  Enclosed in that little space were all the magical ingredients needed in the perfect, deliciously sweet recipe for fun.

Thanks to our awesome chauffeur!  You can visit him  here! 

Sunsets and Reflections

On of my very favorite things to do in the whole world it to sit and watch the sun set.  Not only is it always different and visually magnificent, but it gives me a moments pause to reflect on the day.  What happened today?  What did I do today?  Who did I meet?  Who did I hug?  What did array of emotions did I feel?  As I watch the sun sink and the sky turn a myriad of colors, I can make peace with the day in a way that I can’t if I don’t physically witness that grand spectacle.


Another reason I strive to take time to witness the changing of day into night, is it physiologically gives my internal clock a check.  Seeing the bright sun fade into blue and then black reprograms the pineal gland (a little tiny gland situated in the center of our brain) by letting my body know to stop the production of cortisol (the wake you up/ stress hormone) and start to produce melatonin (the drifting off to sleep hormone.)    I always feel more relaxed, go to sleep earlier, and sleep better after spending a moment watching the sunset.  Anyway, my little sugarplums, I bid you go watch the giant orange ball of fire sink slowly down past the horizon, and have lovely evening.  XO